A Fantastic Construction Game, With Lots Of Uses In The Classroom.

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is an app in which you can build vast worlds (think Minecraft but in 2D).  Have a look at the intro video:

How did I use it in a lesson?

As part of our topic on mountains, as a starter activity, I asked the pupils to build a mountain and then map the different zones.

Construction apps in the classroom

How else could the app be used?

  • Try some art projects.  The game is in pixels and 11 different colours- interesting effects can be created.  Furthermore colours can be changed and light shows made (use bulbs, pulsating sensors and LED’s for this).
  • Explore reactions between different elements; discussions can be undertaken for the scientific accuracy of these.  I have demonstrated states of matter (steam, water and ice) also water pollution (mixing acid and water).
  • Study the inputs and outputs in the game; this is useful for computing lessons.
  • Make electronic projects (batteries, switches, diodes, not/or gates).
  • Probability machines are very useful in maths lessons.
  • Create geography projects such as the water cycle and volcanoes.

Another good use of the game is for critical thinking, problem-solving and exploration. My class have had excellent conversations and it has definitely improved their speaking and listening skills:

The children are engaged because they are discussing / interrogating something they are very interested in.

Have you used The Sandbox?  What did you think? Did it have an impact on the students? Comment below!


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