20 Ways Projectors Improve Learning in the Classroom

Projectors in the classroom

Chalkboards can’t compete. They don’t inspire young minds tuned in to digital channels across multiple devices. Put educational technology front and center in today’s classroom, and you have your students’ attention.

Projectors in the classroom

Consider these 20 ways a multimedia projector improves the learning experience and expands your teaching talents:

  1. Today’s easy-to-use, internet-savvy multimedia projectors are not your old, antiquated AV setups on wheel carts.
  2. Classroom projectors operate with all kinds of equipment and handle all kinds of media from film to digital files.
  3. Constant writing and erasing on a chalkboard are replaced by quick clicks that instantly convey information.
  4. You direct the teaching session more effectively when students focus on the lesson instead of you.
  5. Projects are easier to organize in programs like PowerPoint for engaging classroom presentation.
  6. You don’t have to print, assemble and hand out paper copies of important assignment information.
  7. Students take better notes when they read clearly projected text organized at the end of each lesson.
  8. How-to and hands-on assignments are easier to explain with sharp, sequenced illustrations.
  9. A projector lets you share detailed charts, maps and graphs without relying on printed materials.
  10. Illustrate important contrasts with side-by-side presentations that analyze and clarify.
  11. Simplify solving complicated problems by breaking them down into step-by-step slide demonstrations.
  12. Efficiently share and update everything from lesson outlines and test dates to field trip schedules.
  13. Projectors improve class review before testing and streamline the post-test question and answer process.
  14. When a raised hand is followed by a request to repeat information, simply click back a few slides.
  15. Students learn more effectively when they’re engaged with sharp images and easy-to-read text.

Projectors in the classroom

  1. From assigned presentations to show-and-tell, students enjoy being a part of the multimedia projector experience.
  2. Review current events and follow breaking news in real time with live feeds projected from the internet.
  3. Treat the class to in-house multimedia tours of different cultures, famous museums and historic sights.
  4. Engage with other students across the district and around the world through a projector and Skype connection.
  5. Develop fun for everyone in the classroom with downtime used to create entertaining multimedia projects.

As a dedicated teacher, you do everything you can to deliver the best learning experience possible. A quality, multimedia LCD projector expands your talents as an educator, keeps students involved and excited and makes your job a just little bit easier.



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