A lesson, focused on character description, using an excellent app


I recently did a lesson which had a focus on character description.  For my starting point, I used the short film, ‘Junk’.  You can find the video below (thank you to The Literacy Shed for finding this great resource):

Next, I asked the students to describe the character Jasper to their talk partners.

After this, I handed out a silhouette which I had sketched of Jasper, and the pupils had to put sentences about his appearance on the outside and personality on the inside (see below for an example).

Character description

I put emphasis on including relative clauses to deepen/expand the description (using which or that).

Finally, the students had to write some quick notes and then perform a descriptive account in the first person; using the app Tellagami.

Have a look at my tutorial, telling you everything you need to know about this fantastic tech tool:

Here are some examples of the outcomes of the task:

*Here is the presentation I created for the lesson (feel free to make a copy / download):

Click here for presentation.

*Additionally, here is the activity sheet I made for the students to make notes for the main activity:

Click here for activity sheet.

Have a go and let me know how you get on in the comments below 🙂



  1. Great app with lots of potential for language teaching, the only flaw I can see is that you have to have an apple device . Anyway, thanks for sharing! Very inspiring!


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