A great holiday activity for your class (a free, adaptable template included)

Beautiful Thailand - Krabi

I recently created a really good activity which will motivate your pupils to read over the holiday. It’s called ‘Holiday Reading Bingo’.

Holiday reading bingo

Basically, add 16 books into the boxes, and ask your students to read as many as they can over the break.  Their parents must sign each box when complete.  On the first day back, call out the books at random (you could use this great tool).  Give prizes to the first person to get a full row or column.

You could easily adapt this activity.  Why not try these ideas instead of books?

  • Watch YouTube links (a great way to flip learning)
  • Challenges such as writing, designing or making something
  • Maths activities
  • Website links – excellent for research.

Click here for the template.

*If you want to edit the template, please make a copy or download it.

Let me know how your class get on 🙂


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