10 Top Cooperative Learning Strategies (and some tech tools that could come in handy)


Dr Spencer Kagan is a renowned educator who changed the way the world viewed teaching.  He is mainly known for his work on cooperative learning strategies (often referred to as Kagan learning structures).

Instead of didactic teaching, in which a teacher stands at the front and tells information to whole class, Kagan thought that there were more effective methods.

Watch this excellent video clip, for a useful overview of the Kagan approach:

By adopting Kagan’s approach, research has shown that it greatly improves:

Below are my favourite cooperative learning strategies:

Some others I have used are:

If you want even more, this great document has many fantastic ideas:  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS

Finally, these tech tools can really support the Kagan approach:

  1. Todays Meet – A classroom chatroom allowing for excellent discussion.
  2. Google Docs – Collaborate on projects easily.
  3. Sound recorders – Excellent for peer evaluation and lesson reflections.
  4. Padlet – A digital ‘wall’ in which ideas and work can be shared.
  5. QR Codes – An easy way to disseminate information.

Have a go at some new ones!  See how useful the tech tools can be.  Let me know how you get on 🙂