Challenge Accepted: Find The Best Websites For Maths Starters

Maths app

I was recently asked by the Maths Primary Initiative (Maths Pi), to find the top websites which could support teachers deliver outstanding maths starter activities.

Challenge accepted!

I scoured the internet and found 8 excellent online resources (I tried to get a mixture between whole-class games, individual activities and visual tools). Take a look at my video walk-through of each one:

Here’s the links to each site:

1) A Maths Dictionary For Kids

2) Math Playground

3) Transum Mathematics

4) NCTM Illuminations

5) Maths Starters

6) MathsBot

7) TeacherLED


A special thanks to Maths Pi for featuring my video at their ‘Teach Meet’ in June.

Maths Primary Initiative CPD, featuring EDTECH 4 BEGINNERS

Make maths shine! Let me know how you get on in lessons 🙂


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