Everything you need for a Remembrance Day assembly / lesson

It is nearly Remembrance Day and I was asked to do an assembly for it…

I began by playing a game with emojis: out of a group of them, the children had to spot which one disappeared.  I linked the game to the importance of remembering things.  After, I showed a cartoon of a war zone – children had to think what it would be like to be there. Next, we explored a war veteran’s memories.  Finally, I gave some information about Remembrance Day and closed with a 2 minute silence.

Have a look at the slideshow I created (feel free to use this):

Message me if you would like the PowerPoint version of the slideshow.  Let me know how you get on.



  1. Please can you email me a copy of this ppt. tonight if possible. It is fantastic and I’d like to use it tomorrow.


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