Guest post: 15 EdTech Resources to Use in Classroom

ed tech in the classroom

If you don’t use educational technology, you’re not a cool teacher.

Whether you like it or not, that’s how today’s students see it. They are growing up with all kinds of tech tools by their side, and they are thrilled to see technology involved in the educational process.

So what are the best resources to use? Here’s 15 of them:

  1. YouTube

The first resource we suggest is pretty simple, and all your students are aware of it. They’ve been watching cartoons and funny videos on YouTube before they started school. When you show the educational side of this platform, they will realize that YouTube combines knowledge with fun.

Whatever concepts you’re trying to explain, you can find YouTube videos to present them.

  1. National Geographic Education

National Geographic is probably the most educational channel ever, but its content is not always suitable for K-12 students. Thanks to this website, however, you get all types of educational content from National Geographic that safe to be shown in the classroom.

  1. Discovery Education

This is another one of your favorite TV channels offering educational resources. In addition to video content that you can watch through online streaming, you’ll also find digital textbooks for science, math, and social studies. How cool is that?

  1. Wonderopolis

Why does a strawberry have seeds on the outside?

That’s just one of the many wonders you’ll find at this website. Wonderopolis asks unexpected questions that will trigger the imagination of your students. Just read the question and let them think. Then, show them the answer. The website gives you videos, images, and articles related to the questions and aligned with Common Core standards.

  1. Padlet

Believe it or not, the Internet gives your students tons of opportunities for developing social skills. Padlet is like Pinterest for students. They can make gorgeous boards to collect documents and web pages they would like to access later. The best thing is that they can share those boards with other students and collaborate with other students during the research process.

  1. TED-Ed

You probably love TED, but are you aware of the Ted-Ed section? It’s all about lessons worth sharing, and you can find lessons on all kinds of concepts. It’s a great website for students at all levels; you just need to find the right video to show in the classroom.

  1. Essay Geeks

Ask your students what they think of essays, and they will probably tell you that academic writing is their greatest nightmare. Still, you need to teach them how to write, and the lecturing process itself can be challenging.

Essay Geeks makes it easier. At this platform, you can connect with professional writers. Essay writing is their job. They know how to handle any topic and any type of assignments, so your students will gain great benefits from these instructions.

  1. Plickers

You do your best to explain the concepts as clearly as possible, but how can you be sure that your students understand? Use Plickers to get instant feedback! You can check whether or not your students understand what you’re explaining by setting questions that demand quick answers.

Your students don’t need devices; they will show their answers on cards and you’ll scan them with the app. Then, you’ll instantly see the feedback on your screen.

  1. PBS Learning Media

This is a great resource to explore in the classroom, but you can also suggest it to parents who want to motivate the development of learning habits at home. You’ll find videos that explain concepts from science, math, social studies, English language arts, and more.

  1. NewseumED

You’d be amazed to see how your students can become interested in history and art if you take them to the right museum. No; you don’t have to organize a field trip if your school doesn’t give you the resources for that.

Thanks to NewseumED, you have wonderful collections at your fingertips. This online resource gives you access to digital content from the niches of history, civics, and media literacy.

  1. Google Hangouts

The Internet gives you opportunities to connect your students with classrooms from all around the world. It’s easy to connect with other educators through Facebook or LinkedIn. When you arrange the time and date, you can connect both classrooms via Google Hangouts.

  1. Khan Academy

As a teacher, you have a responsibility to elevate students’ interest for learning. This online resource will help you achieve that goal. It gives you online lessons in several subjects, including math, computing, arts and humanities, science and engineering, and economics and finance.

The videos are very fun to watch, so they definitely get the interest of young students.

  1. International Children’s Digital Library

When someone develops the habit of reading at very early age, they preserve that interest throughout their lives. Teachers can trigger that habit by suggesting captivating books for their students. You can pick a book from this online resource and guide an engaging discussion in the classroom when your students read it.

  1. C-Span

How are the events from today connected with events from the history? The resources at this website help your students connect the links. They will get access to history lessons, but they will also get informed on current events.

  1. BrainPOP

This website is colorful, fun, and educational at the same time. Who doesn’t like robots and cartoons that teach us something? BrainPOP gives you over 1K videos that cover various subjects from the K-12 curriculum. In addition, you’ll get lesson plans and additional materials that help you make the lectures more fun than ever.

There are plenty of EdTech resources to explore, and you couldn’t test them all even if you tried. That’s why it’s important to find and use only those that could work in your classroom. Hopefully, this list of 15 EdTech resources inspired you to make your classroom more fun!

Author bio: 

Chris Richardson is a journalist, editor, and a blogger. He loves to write, learn new things, and meet new outgoing people. Chris is also fond of traveling, sports, and playing the guitar. Follow him on Google+.




  1. Thanks for sharing these fantastic EdTech tools. The use of tech tools in the classroom has made learning more effective and engaging. Students easily get absorbed in their tasks, causing them to be mindful, and this is effecting them in a holistic way.

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  2. Thanks for sharing, helpful tools. They not only help in the educational process, but also make it more effective. It’s great that there are so many useful resources that can be found in the public domain.


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