Guest post: Impact of AI in Education for Teachers and Students

AI in teaching


Artificial Intelligence is part of the education, being incorporated in the classrooms as a way of leaching and learning. Now we cannot imagine schools without computers and other AI technology, or teaching and learning without the help of AI online tools. It really makes the education process easier and more convenient. It allows for more freedom in choosing how to teach and learn, thus improving the process in many ways.

Artificial Intelligence helps teachers by automatizing administrative tasks. Thanks to AI, these time-consuming activities are no longer a teacher’s duty. There are AI online tools which take these activities in their hands, thus allowing teachers to concentrate on teaching.

AI also helps teachers to create curriculum and textbooks adapted to the students’ needs. Moreover, it tells them what needs to be improved in their courses, thus eliminating the gaps in their lectures and materials and enhancing students’ understanding of the course.

Students, on the other hand, benefit a lot from AI online tools because they make learning much easier and interesting. Artificial intelligence adapts learning materials according to the needs of every student separately. With this, AI helps students understand the material in their own unique way, makes the trial-and-error learning less stressful and intimidating, and provides them with helpful feedback regarding their learning success.

Additionally, AI online tools provide students with support outside the classroom, acting as tutors. They help them in learning and doing assignments, and explain things students can’t understand and their parents don’t know. If you are a parent, you know how much this will help you while working with your children on an assignment in Science or a foreign language you don’t know.

These tools also create universal classrooms by allowing access to students around the globe. Thanks to AI, students who speak different languages or students who have hearing or visual impairment can learn without a problem by using software that translates the material or turns the written materials into audio and vice versa.

AI in teaching

Quizlet Learn is an AI online tool powered by the Learning Assistant Platform which helps students learn exactly what they need by creating a study plan and then guiding them through what and when to practice. In order to use it, students create a study set and tell the AI online tools when they need it by. Then, Quizlet Learn creates an adaptive study plan based on their materials. It also sends study reminders and provides short study sessions.

Gradescope is an AI tool which reviews and grades students’ papers, tests, and assignments, thus saving teachers’ time by half. It can grade projects, worksheets, exams, essays, and other types of coursework. It works in that way that it analyzes the students’ work, grades them by giving detailed feedback, and provides statistics so that teachers can see how their students are doing.

Century Tech – is an AI tool which creates adapted and personalized learning plans for the teachers by employing data analysis and cognitive neuroscience. It works by tracking students’ progress, detects the knowledge gaps, and provides feedback and recommendations for personal study. It also allows teachers access to resources, thus reducing their time for managing the homework.

Plagiarismcheckerfree is a free plagiarism checker tool which uses artificial intelligence to identify plagiarism in students’ assignments. This simple, yet effective tool easily detects the plagiarism by analyzing the content that you, as a teacher, provide to it and provides a comprehensive report.

As it can be noticed AI has a big influence on education by helping both, teachers and students, to enhance their teaching-learning process. It changes the way students learn, teachers teach, and the way the entire process goes on. Classrooms are no longer the only place of teaching and learning, and the course books are no longer the only material for teaching and learning. Education has no limits anymore!



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