Guest Post: 4 Proven Tips to Study for GRE

How long should you study for a Test day? It’s an important question. When it comes to GRE, we are going to help you understand how long you should study for it and some tips to excel.

1.  Schedule Your Time to Study

What requirements are needed to get into medical school? This is an important question most students ask when making their preparations. Every expert has a different saying on how much time you need to type for GRE.

The fact is, no one size fits everyone. If you look carefully, the question itself stops making sense once you consider different variables.  A common perception is three months are good enough. It’s enough if you only study for 20 minutes. But if you study for 6 hours every day, then you can do it within a month.

2.  Preparation Needs

Before we say anything else, we would like to clarify the fact that everyone has their unique preparation needs. The issue is, most people believe they can measure their GRE preparation in only days. You can only measure it on hours. The target score is someone between 50-200 hours. It depends on efficient you are and how many points you require the quant and verbal score to improve.

For instance, an English major won’t care much for the Quant Section and only requires five more points on the verbal section. The latter section requires few hours than someone who has 140 on both sections of a practice system and targets 160. Despite how many hours you invest, how you distribute these hours in days is up to you.

You have to pragmatic about scheduling time to study for GRE hitting possible score on a test which determines your future means as much prep time as you possibly could. The more hours your event, the better you can improve your routine. The more hours you invest, the better you will prepare for GRE.

3.  How to Study Efficiently?

In case you are having trouble studying, you should play some ambient music. These soundtracks are designed to set your mood, and it won’t distract you from work at hand. Listening to your favorite track might release dopamine which distracts you.

You have to take frequent short breaks and intermittent long breaks. You should know that you cannot cram the whole syllabus into 12 hours. Now, you need to study 12 hours straight without a break. Instead, you have to set your routine and take frequent short breaks with some intermittent long breaks when studying.

Take a nap; you need to give your brain to breakthis retention and productivity. So, relax, sit back, and give yourself a break before continuing your studies.

4.  Know Your Issues

Even if you harbor best intentions, they will screw up from time to time. Yes, there will be several issues that will hinder your progress. The only way you can cure them is to realize you have these issues and what adverse effects it has on your studies.


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