4 Ways to Improve Academic Writing Skills

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As a student, there’s no denying that writing is one of the most important skills you have. Sure, you know how to write; but do you know how to write well, especially in an academic setting? Regardless of what field you major in, you’ll almost always be required to write an academic paper at some point, but academic writing isn’t quite the same as other types of writing. They all have their own nuances, but like any skill, there are easy ways to practice and improve, and the more you practice, the more skills you will acquire.

The simplest piece of advice to give is ‘write more.’ The more you write, the better you’ll get at it. But we’re going to give you a few more specific ways you can improve your writing abilities over time, and by extension, how well you can write your academic papers.

1. Writing a Blog

The truth is, with today’s level of technology, most people just don’t do nearly as much writing as they used to. Writing is generally considered to be either work or an assignment, rather than something people do for recreation. Of course, the things people do for recreation are the things they spend the most time doing, and the things they end up being the most skilled with. That being the case, finding a way to fit writing into your daily routine is one of the best ways to quickly improve your abilities.

Writing a blog is an excellent way to do this. If you’re maintaining a blog, chances are you’re going to update it fairly regularly, which means a lot more writing practice a lot more often. What the blog itself is about isn’t all that important, as much as the fact that you write one at all. As stated previously, the more you do something, and the more often you do something, the more quickly your skills in that subject will grow. Keeping a regularly updated blog is one of the easiest ways in today’s world to get that frequent and consistent practice in your daily schedule, and of course, it can be recreational as well, so it doesn’t even feel like practice.

2. Taking Lessons

This may seem obvious, but if there is a skill to be learned, there is someone out there you can pay to teach it. Essentially every skill in the world can be taught to you by someone, and writing is certainly no exception. Writing is one of those skills that you can definitely teach yourself over time with enough practice and immersion in it, but some people pick up skills more efficiently in a learning environment or just feel that they will learn the skills more quickly if someone is teaching it to them rather than teaching themselves.

In short, signing up for writing classes, while obviously more costly than teaching yourself, is absolutely a viable option if you are looking to improve your skills quickly and efficiently. There’s no guarantee that the tutelage of a professor will be objectively better than simply practicing on your own time, but for some people, it really could be. That said, you should definitely keep in mind that taking lessons is by far the most expensive option, on the fact that the alternatives can usually be free.

3. Special Apps

Modern technology might cut back on how many people write regularly these days, but for those that do, technology makes it a whole lot easier. These days, there are all sorts of apps that are designed to assist you with your writing, and not just in the sense of checking your spelling. These apps can often check your spelling, grammar, word choice, and even stylistic issues in your writing to improve it.

One such app is Grammarly. This app (and browser extensions as well) does all the things mentioned above. This service is free and extremely easy to use. Whether you are using the app or the browser extension, this is a great way to ensure your writing is reaching the best level of quality that it can, especially since even skilled writers often make mistakes.

Using an app like Grammarly in conjunction with writing a blog (or just using it to write your blog) would be an excellent way to rapidly increase your skills. Not only would you be getting in more practice on a regular basis, but the writing you put out will be of a higher quality anyway. In short, Grammarly and similar services are an excellent tool to improve your writing immediately, but by showing you your mistakes and what could be improved, they help accelerate that growth of your skill as well.

4. Outside Academic Writing Assistance

If you need to write something amazing now rather than down the line when your skills have improved, you can always rely on custom academic writing services which offer affordable, high-quality writing assistance. Such companies have academic experts in all sorts of fields, along with experienced writers that have generally been where you are now and know how to write a professional grade paper. Who knows; by employing their services and seeing their final products, you may be able to improve your own abilities even further.




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