Guest post: How to Make your eLearning Course More Interactive

For online students, there’s nothing worse than being subjected to a dull, boring eLearning course. If staying motivated to sit through the course was not tough enough, an uninteresting course makes it even harder.
Learning needs to be enjoyable. Being an online instructor, you need to get creative and find exciting ways to make your eLearning course informative and engaging for it to resonate with your students. They need to derive value from it while enjoying the process.
You might have all the knowledge required but ultimately, the success of your course largely depends on the way you choose to present that information.

Here are 4 ways to make your eLearning course more interactive


1. Make it Aesthetically Appealing

Did you know that visual aids improve learning by up to 400%? From high quality images, charts and illustrations to videos and animated characters – taking efforts to make your course aesthetically appealing will not only hook learners but will also enhance their motivation and improve learning quality.
While you do need to make it visually appealing, it does mean you bombard readers with an avalanche of information in the form of visuals and text. The key is to keep it simple. Give your students time to understand and retain the concepts.
Stay away from chunks of paragraphs, wordy language and know when to replace text with charts, graphs or other visuals.

2. Create Branching Scenarios

An effective way to diversify your eLearning course and make it more interactive is by creating branching scenarios.  Instead of one-way sharing, branching scenarios lets learners drive their own learning. They are made to explore different routes by making decisions and facing consequences. This form of learning encourages them to put their theoretical knowledge into use while tackling real-world problems.
Not only do branching scenarios keep learners invested and engaged, they are also a useful tactic to enhance their problem-solving skills.

3. Encourage Interaction between Learners

In a traditional classroom setting, discussions and collaborative learning come easily. However, that’s not the case with online learning wherein there are more chances of students feeling isolated and left out.
So, how do you encourage interaction between learners? One way to do that is to make discussion forums an important element of your eLearning course. This can be a platform wherein learners can interact with each other through discussion posts, share different point of views and offer feedback. This creates a sense of community and enables collaborative learning.

4. Include Quizzes and Games

Everyone enjoys playing a game or taking a quiz. They are a fun and easy way to engage learners while teaching them new concepts.
It’s a good idea to break down your course by including quizzes in the form of multiple choice questions, spin the wheel and memory game among others.
Make sure you relate the quiz to your course objective and keep the questions clear. Wondering how to create a quiz? There are several tools available to help you create digital quizzes for your eLearning course.

A writer and artist, Adela Belin is passionate about sharing stories with a hope to make a difference in people’s lives and contribute to their personal and professional growth.


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