Guest post: How Your Family Can Benefit From Remote Work

How Your Family Can Benefit From Remote Work?

While Coronavirus pandemic has forced all of us to stay at home, the companies around the world have also been forced to send their employees to tap into the benefits of remote jobs.

In the wake of the COVID-19, remote working has become a necessity more than a luxury. However, in this article we are covering some points that show the pandemic is not the only reason why you should work from your home.

Understanding the benefits of remote jobs

Remote jobs have invaluable benefits for:

  • Your mental health
  • Your physical health
  • Your pocket
  • Your in-house productivity
  • Your relationships with your family


Here are some advantages that remote working can bring you:


Less travelling

The first and the most evident benefit of a remote job is that you get to save travel time. According to a survey, on average, people spend at least an hour each day traveling to and from their office.

You can save this time and devote it to your family. These time savings can also help you to prioritize other work like getting an extra hour of sleep, eating a healthy breakfast, or doing a small workout session.

More savings

Travel is expensive. Apart from the gas, car maintenance, transportation, and parking fee, you can also save money on a professional wardrobe and eating out.

You can save this money or spend it on some other things that you might be longing for. Take your kids for that lunch date or buy them their favourite game. There is a lot you can do by saving some extra bucks.

A custom schedule

When you work from home, your schedule can be your own. If you are a developer or a content writer, you can work on your projects whenever you want as long as you meet the deadlines.

You can customize your schedule according to your plans with your family. You can take breaks in between, play games with your kids, take your dog for a walk.

Even if you have specific work hours, you can still manage to take breaks according to your need, that would not have been possible while being at the office.

Better health

Travel is not just time-consuming and costly; it is also harsh on your health. When you work from your home, you avoid exposing yourself to tonnes of harmful emissions from those vehicles on the road.

Therefore, working from home results in less travel stress, less anxiety, good mood, and better health.

Also, a Commute through private vehicles by office workers generates millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. A remote job is not only good for your health, but also for the health of the planet.

Good food

Everybody knows that our bodies love home-cooked food. There is nothing better than a place of protein-rich cereals and whole wheat breads.

While being at home, you can also avoid those frequent trips to the office canteen and munching on unhealthy snacks.

A happier life

Remote life is liberating, but often it can become lonely. This is the case when you work away from your family. But when you have a remote job while you live with your family, you are just the luckiest person.

While you stay away from office politics and the stressful, monotonous life of your job, spend some leisure time with your family. This is surely going to help you to be a happier person.

Better work/life balance

One of the most prominent benefits of remote jobs is that they give you flexible work hours. You can start and end your day just when you want. With a customized schedule and less stress, you help your mental health to heal.

The control over your schedule helps you to prioritize your personal life. You can balance school schedules, take medical appointments, and manage to take out some extra time for your family.

Practical tips to stay productive during a remote job

  • Communicate with your team as often as possible. It can be easy to get yourself out of the loop when you are far away from your office. Do not miss a chance to make an audio or video call with your colleagues and the boss.
  • Create an office space for yourself that you will use only when you work. Gather all your office equipment in one place so that you don’t have to move around your home repeatedly to look for things.
  • Take initiatives to make yourself remarkable in your job. Start new projects, schedule meetings, offer to host a remote lunch, and offer your help whenever and wherever possible.
  • Use programs and applications that restrict your internet usage and keep you off social media while you are at work. The less time you’ll spend on the internet, the more productive you will be.
  • Log off at the end of the day. It is essential to maintain boundaries between your work timings and personal life. Once you are done with the work for the day, shut down your computer and leave your workspace.
  • Send your boss a weekly report. Send an email to let her know how proactive you have been during the week and what all goals you have accomplished.

So, here were the top benefits of remote jobs and how you can stay productive and efficient during these hard times. Hope you enjoyed reading and found these tips helpful.


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