Guest post: How To Choose The Best Communications Course in Singapore

How To Choose The Best Communications Course in Singapore

A communications course is always one of the most popular options among students in Singapore since communication skills are the first criteria that employers look for when hiring.

However, there are also many different options when coming to communication courses, which is why you need time to carefully determine the right career path for you. Here are some of the steps you can consider when selecting a course.

1) Ask yourself…is this what I really want?

The first step to determine whether you are fit to be a communications student is asking if that’s what you really want. Before you walk on a new path, you should be willing to take all the risks that come your way. This course takes years to complete. You will be using a significant amount of your time to finish it and earn your degree. You have to ensure that you are ready to go down the road so you can avoid wasting your energy, time, and money.

2) Choose a university in which you want to enroll in.

Next, you need to choose a university where you want to study. Not all universities in Singapore have a wide range of options when it comes to communications courses. Some of them are offering just one to two programs, which may limit your chances of getting the best course for you. So, if you want more choices, don’t settle with one university or school. Start listing down all the universities and schools you prefer then determine if each of them has a good number of options for a communications course.

You can start with the Management Development Institute Of Singapore (MDIS). This is a private university in the country offering communications courses in Singapore that you might be interested in (including Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Media Production, Bachelor of Arts in Media and Digital Practice, Bachelor of Arts in Media, Culture, and Communication, and Mass Communication). The more options you have, the more likely you are to land a good course that will make you commit and persevere.

3) Get a list of all communications courses available in the university.

Once you have found the universities you prefer, begin listing down all the courses they offer. This is to make your decision-making easier. If you have all the options on the table, it’s easier and simple for you to select which one you are taking. And, you will know the requirements needed to qualify for the course. Universities in Singapore usually have common conditions for incoming college students. Make sure to check on that.

4) Talk to an advisor who can help you choose.

Talking to an advisor helps in times like this. Remember that this is not just a random selection. Your future depends on the course you are going to take. Some students in the country have school advisors helping them to choose the most ideal career path for them. If you can get one, it will be more convenient and comfortable to talk about your options.

How To Choose The Best Communications Course in Singapore

Your advisor can help to evaluate if it’s the right course for you, choose a reputable university, and select a specific communications course. Advisors act as your counsels. So, if you have doubts and your vision for your career is vague yet, you can rely on the advice of these professionals.

5) Ask for recommendations.

Asking for recommendations is a good method too. If you have friends, relatives, or family members taking a communications course, it doesn’t hurt to learn from them. As of this point, you need someone who has the first-hand experience in choosing a course. Talking to them will help you clear out the clouds in your mind. This is also an alternative if you don’t have the time and money to hire a school counselor/advisor.

Before talking to people and asking for their advice, list down all the inquiries you have and ensure that you are asking the right questions. Collect all the information you gathered and use them to decide on what communications course you should take.

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