RecordCast – An Easy-to-use Screen Recorder to Create Video Lessons and Tutorials

The use of video is interesting in more ways than one. This makes it possible to produce presentation videos, tutorials or training sessions to transmit know-how, for example. It becomes possible, in a few clicks, to record your own mathematical problem-solving strategies, without needing special skills in managing videos.

You are starting to record courses but which program to use? Many sites offer articles like “The 7 Programs to Record the Screen” or “The Best 7 Programs to Capture the Screen”. In my small way, I will suggest 1 best solution, not the best 7.

Here, you can do this by merely opening the Chrome browser and enter RecordCast in your browser.

What is RecordCast?

RecordCast is a straightforward tool for video/audio recording of the screen. It can record all activity done in a browser tab (including audio) or the entire desktop. Just start the recording (START), and the contents of the tab or desktop are recorded. It is great for creating tutorials, presentations, or flipped-learning lessons. It is also possible to add audio from the microphone and then record your voice. 

Recordings can be saved on your computer or edited after a few simple clicks. RecordCast does not need any external software (Java, Flash, or other) and therefore works on all devices as long as there is a Chrome browser.

How to record with RecordCast?

  1. Click the “start recording” button displayed on the homepage of RecordCast;
  2. Select the audio recording method during screen recording;
  3. Choose the screen to record ( you can choose from the following three options for recording: Entire desktop, Application window, and Chrome tab);
  4. Click RECORD;
  5. Recording starts now.

After your recording, an easy-to-use editor allows you to cut, split, and crop the recording. You can also highlight points with a single click and draw on the screen to emphasize an element. Finally, it is also possible to add texts, speed up the recording, and even upload it to Dropbox.

The advantages of RecordCast to create video lessons

You can use such a tool to:

– create material to send before the course so that participants are more prepared.

– create an interlude to the frontal explanation, or you can entrust a part of the explanation to a video to enliven the lesson.

– explain something more technical that it would not be possible to explain live at that moment.

– create some material to send after the course as a follow-up.

Final words

RecordCast is useful when you need to explain some process or create video tutorials, and then share your students videos remotely. With the RecordCast screen recorder, it is possible to record what is happening on your PC screen and capture audio from a microphone. Unfortunately, it is impossible to specify the recording area, such as a part of the browser.

What do you think of the RecordCast screen recorder? Do you find it useful? I’d love your comment!



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