Guest Post: Benefits of E-learning For Teachers

Benefits of e-learning

The advancement of technology has had a noticeable impact on education. There has been a revolution that has had an impact on the conventional classroom set up in various ways. With online learning, there has been a deliberate change from the traditional class setup. 

Today, you can do your studies from the lowest level of a subject, to the university level, without setting foot in a school. Thus, online classes have benefited students as they have more access and flexibility in education.

But, does e-learning have any benefit for teachers? Yes, it does. Online learning is rich with materials such as videos and photos, and various websites. Therefore, the teacher has more access to resources that help in teaching. 

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Benefits of E-learning for Teachers

Customized learning pace for learners

In a conventional classroom, the teacher teaches all the learners at the same pace. There are multiple students and usually just one teacher.

 It is, therefore, a challenge for the teacher to give each learner personalized attention. This is a disadvantage to learners who learn at a slow pace and others who are bright enough to learn at a quicker speed. 

 On the other hand, online classes have fewer students. There is flexibility such that the learner can learn when he/she is best available. Most online platforms also allow for one learner at a time. 

 As such, the teacher can teach various students according to their pace. 


Online learning is practical

In a conventional class, the teacher may be forced to do almost everything. For instance, when it comes to a student’s assessment, the teacher will have to look for assessment questions, set them, mark, and grade the students. 

This takes a lot of time and is cumbersome. 

Online learning, on the other hand, automates the whole process. There is an ever-growing question bank for the teacher to use. There is also technology that allows for the automation of the marking of quizzes. This saves a lot of time. 

 You also have access to templates that help you to reorganize a course. Additionally, you can digitally track the submission of assignments by learners. 


Professional development

 If you still think you must attend a physical class for professional development, then you are years behind. 

Today, all the information you need is accessible at any time from anywhere. You can take a full course, graduate, and get an official certificate all through your laptop. 

E-learning is therefore beneficial to you as an educator as it allows you to learn continuously. You up your game and hone your teaching skills, which will enable you to become a better teacher. Thus, e-learning makes career development a daily activity for you. 



E-learning is also beneficial for teachers who teach in conventional classes. It allows them to stay in touch with their students even after school. As such, they can still explain difficult concepts and offer help where needed. 

 It also allows the teacher to share resources such as videos, photos, and illustrations. Learning, therefore, doesn’t stop when the school hours are over. 


Saves time and money

Time is a precious commodity that no learner or educator can afford to lose. With the daily commuting of both the teacher and the learner to and from school, a lot of time is lost. 

Sometimes, there is traffic, which makes it a challenge to get to school on time. Also, conventional classes make it difficult to continue with learning in the evening and on weekends. 

 E-learning saves you a lot of time as it eliminates all these. All you need is a computer and a stable internet connection, and you can conduct your classes online. 

 You also save a lot in terms of commuter costs. You can conduct the classes from the comfort of your house. 


Extra income


Who wouldn’t want to earn some extra income to complement what they earn? For teachers, online classes allow them to earn extra cash, which comes in handy. 

Summer breaks, and winter vacations are convenient times for teachers to conduct online tutoring and earn some extra bucks. 


 Online learning comes with a lot of benefits for teachers. These include getting some extra income, constant career development, and flexibility of teaching. Give it a try if you haven’t already. 



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