5 Effective Tools for Improving Classroom Engagement

Using the latest technology is a sure way of keeping students engaged in a class. As a teacher, if you want your students to show interest in your lessons and concentrate more, you should adopt the latest technology in teaching.

There are plenty of educational tools you can use to boost interactivity in learning. Choosing an effective technology to boost engagement in class is not that easy. That is why you need this article. Here we mention some of the best educational tools every teacher can use to improve concentration in a virtual class.

1. Google Forms

Google is, no doubt, one of the most popular tech companies. When it comes to developing unique educational tools, they haven’t disappointed educators. Google Forms is one of the simplest educational tools students and teachers can use to simplify learning online.

Google Forms give students a platform to remain anonymous when asking for feedback from online instructors. Students can use the tool to contact their teachers, ask questions, and share documents. You can create a simple form for your students to leave comments about your lessons anonymously. This way, you get honest feedback from students who may be struggling to grasp the course. When your students have trouble handling the writing assignments you gave and coming up with paper topics, they can use an essay generator and share their thoughts on Google forms comfortably.

2. Venngage

5 Effective Tools for Improving Classroom Engagement

Most students learn when you use visuals in teaching. Venngage makes it easier for teachers to create infographics, charts, and other visuals they can use in teaching.  The tool offers different templates you can choose to create infographics faster and take your teaching to the next level.

Venngage allows you to come up with interactive lessons for students. Teachers can also use the tool to see student reactions during the class and evaluate them on time. The tool is focused on informational education for students, which is an important skill.

Students can use Venngage to present information in the form of charts and infographics and learn more. There are several infographics templates students can choose to represent data.

3. LiveBinders

If you’re looking for a way to go paperless, then LiveBinders is the right educational tool for you. With this tool, you can save, take class notes, and store your text and video files for future reference. You can also use LiveBinders to post other types of content in one place. Another advantage of using this tool is it allows for collaboration.

With this tool, students can unite and work on a project like a research proposal together remotely. This saves time and labor. The platform also makes it easier for students to create a database of learning materials. You can store all your learning materials on LiveBinders for years and still add more files anytime. 

4. Padlet

Padlet is another amazing educational tool you can use to enhance engagement in class. It is a free program that students and teachers can use to create virtual walls. On these virtual walls, students and teachers can post images, videos, text, and other files. It’s very easy to use Padlet. Once students sign up on the platform, they can post and arrange the sticky notes on the wall and interact more. Students can also moderate their posts on the platform. 

The tool also supports collaboration. Different users can log in and work on a project together. This saves your class time and enables the sharing of ideas. Students can use this tool to create an online portfolio where they can store all their useful learning materials and recent work. When creating personal walls on Padlet, you can set a privacy level restricting others from accessing your files. 

5. Twiddla

Twiddla is a web-based meeting playground that makes learning easy for students and teachers. It is a popular collaborative tool that students can use to do assignments and internet research together.  The platform enables students to engage teachers while working on their projects. They can share findings with instructors and share ideas. The tool involves a lot of writing assignments and is thus suitable for teachers preparing K-12 students to write college papers.  

Twiddla comes with tools for online meetings and discussions. It enables the sharing of text, emails, and images. You can also have direct voice chat on the platform when giving instructions to students. Lastly, the tool offers unlimited storage space for users. 

Final Thoughts

Teachers can increase students’ interest in school work by using the best collaborative and educational tools. Not every tool may be suitable for your class. Therefore, you can go through the available tools to find one that works better for you.

With the best educational tools, you can reach more students, boost interactivity, and reap more benefits of online learning. Start your journey to online learning by choosing a technology that works better for your students.



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