3 Ways Teachers Can Stay Updated On EdTech

Technology is constantly changing. So is education, especially now that the two things are increasingly merging.

It’s the role of the teacher to ensure that they’re utilizing all the latest best practices in their field. Their colleagues will be, and so will competitor institutions.

EdTech can significantly improve your teaching style and ensure you provide a better education for all. That said, making the most of it requires you to stay up-to-date with all its bells and whistles. Find some tips on how you can do that below.

Learn About International Progress

The US is rightly credited with the development of numerous technologies. Still, other countries have plenty to be proud of too.

There’s plenty you can learn about EdTech from other nations’ efforts. There are social entrepreneurs in territories like Uganda who endeavor to both repurpose old tech and build brand-new platforms to improve education for their kids. The aim is to make these resources available to all rather than a select few.

Expanding your research horizons can also be an eye-opening and humbling experience. After all, some may not assume that somewhere like Uganda could produce such promising equipment. Education and technology are largely about unearthing talent in unexpected places and giving everybody equal access to opportunities, and you should research similar principles.

Take Online Courses

Higher education as a discipline is becoming more dependent on technology. It’s informing much of how teaching is done these days.

So, it stands to reason that earning something like a higher education teaching certificate online could help. The online teaching certification aims to refine your teaching practice and embrace updated methods and reflective skills. Leading institutions oversee these efforts and employ a data-driven approach in their course offerings, analyzing future skills requirements and adapting their courses in line with them.

Of course, getting a teaching certificate online can also be an EdTech experience in a literal sense. You’ll also gain unlimited access to an incredible Career Engagement Network, where you can enjoy exclusive events and resources, perhaps creating more opportunities to further your understanding of EdTech.

Consult Your Students

Familiarity with technology plays a big part in how effectively it’s utilized. The more time spent using it, the more proficient one becomes.

One could argue that the younger generations can be more familiar with technology than anybody else today. They might have a comprehensive understanding of some EdTech resources or pick it up faster than older tutors, especially after the more recent bouts of home learning. Therefore, the tutor may need to ask their students questions for tips and reminders on using EdTech.

Learn from each other. That said, your students shouldn’t become the sole source of your learning, so don’t become dependent on their guidance, but you can also keep an open mind and make a few enquiries about the EdTech you’re using together. Even if it’s just a quick shortcut on an e-learning platform, it’s worth knowing as it can save time, making your classes more efficient.

Overseas educators, online teaching certification providers, and even your students can all update you on the uses of EdTech and all its perks.


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