EdTech Tutorial: How to become a Google Certified Educator.

How do you become a Google Certified Educator?



Step 1.

Make sure you are familiar with using Google’s most common apps. These came up in my exam: Gmail, Calendar, Google+, Sites, Classroom, Drive, YouTube, Hangouts, Docs, Forms, Sheets, Slides, Drawing, Chrome.


Step 2.

Complete the training sessions that Google provides (on the link above).


Step 3.

Complete some practise papers. Below are some example questions.


Step 4.

Register for the exam here . It costs $10.

Step 5.

You will get an email 24 hours after registering.

Take the exam! You MUST have:

* A stable internet connection.

* 180 minutes free to sit the exam (no pauses).

* A webcam (this is always on during the exam to check it is you doing it).

* A computer or laptop with the latest version of Chrome web browser.

Step 6.

Pass or fail. You get instant results and Google email you your certificate.


GOOD LUCK! Let me know how you get on.


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