EdTech Tutorial: How to use the App ‘Draw My Story’.

Today is the last day of the half-term break so I have been planning some activities for next week.  I’m going to ask my students to use the App ‘Draw My Story’ to recount their holiday.


What is it?
Draw my story is a free Android App in which you can create a story/movie. You start with a number of slides and then simply add pictures, drawings and text to each slide. Finally, record a voice over. The App then makes it into a movie.

Here’s one I made:

How do you create the movie?

The App is very easy to use. This is the main screen.


On the bottom panel, select to add slides, or change the brush colour.  There is also a menu on the right which let’s you add pictures and text.  Click the play button when you are ready to preview your movie and add a voice over.


Above is the ‘play screen’. Choose to preview your movie, record a voice over or add music. Press the movie button when you are happy and want to export/save your movie.

I hope the App is useful for you and your students. I will certainly use it in different ways i.e. a maths revision tool.  Have a look at my video tutorial:


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