EdTech Tutorial: How to use the App ‘ThingLink’ to make pages and pictures interactive.

ThingLink is a superb App. In a nutshell, you take a picture of something and add text and media to it. It is currently only available on the App Store.

How do I use ThingLink?

Open the App and sign up with your email. Say you don’t have an invite code.


Next tick the teacher box and sign up  (you can set a password if you wish).


And you’re set to go! Look at some example ThingLinks’ as shown below. Then when you are ready to create your own, click the + in the top right corner.


First take a photo or choose an image from your gallery (you can use images from the internet if you want).  In a Science lesson, I  asked my students to draw series and parallel circuits and then take a photo of them.

After, simply press on the picture and either add text or media.


Adding media is great; choose videos, photos, or YouTube clips.


I asked my students to record a ‘selfie’ video explanation and add it.  They also had to include a YouTube clip.

The videos look like they are coming out of the page – superb interactivity.


Save when you are finished and then preview; you can touch the targets and they come to life!

It’s great to share your ThingLinks with the class.

* Check out my video tutorial on YouTube:

How else could ThingLink be used in the classroom? Let me know!

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