EdTech Tutorial: How to use the App ‘Boomerang’ in lessons.

Today a colleague introduced me to a brilliant new App called Boomerang. It is called Boomerang because it turns short video clips into repeated back and forth loops. Boomerang is free on the App Store and Google Play.


I have loads of ideas for how I might use it educationally already!  It has really made me think what would look good looping in reverse.

How do you use the App?

It’s easy to use and straightforward.  Simply open the App and you will get to this screen:


The camera is on and ready to record.  Press the circle if you want to shoot. Press the arrows if you want to use the other camera (selfie mode). Finally press the lightning bolt if you want the flash on.

After you have recorded your video you come to this screen:


Now review your video. Press the back button of you are not happy with it or save/share it if you are.

How could use them in lessons?

The videos are really fun. I’ve made two so far for some lessons.

1) My students will watch the video (below) and jot down as many different verbs as they can.  After I will challenge them to make their own verb Boomerangs.

2) My students will watch the video (below) and jot down as many feeling words as they can.  After the students can make their own selfie-feeling Boomerangs!

Let me know if you have any more ideas of how this App could be used?

Please watch my YouTube video tutorial for more information.


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