5 Tech Tools That Are Great For Adaptive Learning.

Adaptive learning is where teaching methods and materials change to match each student’s pace.

How could a teacher possible manage that for a whole class?

This is where technology becomes incredibly powerful – students can be set challenges through apps and websites and they can work at their own pace – the technology adapts.

Here are 5 great tech tools which will bring adaptive learning to your classroom:

  • Elevate – this app is a ‘brain-training’ program and it adapts to the user’s level of learning i.e. if you get questions correct the difficulty automatically increases. Click here for my full tutorial.

  • Matific – a brilliant website and app which allows you to set the class a number of mathematical challenges. They can work at their own pace and go up and down difficulty levels.  Click here for my full tutorial.

  • Quizalize – this app lets the students get involved in a competitive game. The teacher can create quizzes and then show the whole class how everyone is progressing. This is great because it motivates all the children to win!

  • Typeform – Make quizzes, problem solving activities and much more; using this great tool. Your students will work through the lesson and get to different stages and then in the next lesson they can carry on from where they started.  Click here for my full tutorial.

How do you incorporate adaptive learning in the classroom?  Let me know by commenting below.



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