A Free, Downloadable ‘Assessment For Learning’ Prompt sheet.

Assessment for Learning (AfL) is the process of finding out how much progress students have made in their learning and then planning next steps for them.

assessment for learning in the classroom

What does successful AfL look like?

Strategies to ‘see’ the progress of learners are vital in lessons – constant checking of who is excelling and who is struggling.  Once this information is acquired, it is important to do something with it i.e. instant feedback or a challenge for the next lesson.

I have created an AfL prompt sheet which firstly details strategies to use and then lists the evidence (what AfL looks like when carried out in the classroom).  I have pinned a copy on my desk at school as a quick reminder of the different techniques.

Assessment For Learning

You can freely download, share or print the PDF: Assessment For Learning .

Are there any tech tools that can help with AfL?

  • Set quizzes and tests with Socrative.
  • Track discussion and feedback by setting up a classroom chatroom on Todays Meet.
  • Support pupils and promote collaboration through Google Docs.

Are there other ways / tools you use when carrying out AfL?  Let me know by commenting below.



  1. Thanks so much for the prompt sheet. I’ll make a copy to put in my teacher binder. Regarding formative assessment tools, fast and simple win the game. I love Four Corners in which students have to physically move to the place in the room representing their choice. They also have to be prepared to justify their choice as well as have the liberty to change their decision.

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