Reluctant writers in your class? Engage them with Pokemon character reports.

I recently came across this amazing art on BoredPanda.  It is an artist’s vision of the anatomy of different Pokemon characters.  Here is an example:

Anatomy of a pokemon

This inspired me to set a homework challenge for my students to create their own Pokemon character non-chronological reports. I hoped it would engage them!

Here is the template I shared with them:

Pokemon report template

*You can download the PDF by clicking here.

I asked the students to use Google Drawings to create the diagram or alternatively they could draw the Pokemon, photograph it and add it to their report.

Have a look at one of my pupil’s work:

Pokemon report lesson

My students commented that they really enjoyed the task because it was about something they were interested in and they could make up creative ideas and facts.

How do you inspire reluctant writers?  Leave a comment below.


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