Online Writing Is Really Engaging With Night Zookeeper

Recently I was contacted on Twitter by the owner of Night Zookeeper to try out his website with my class.  Night Zookeeper is a ‘digital learning tool that inspires writing through competition’.  My students had a go and it really is brilliant!  You get a two week trial and then you must pay.

How do I set up?

Watch this video tutorial for information on how to get started:

What are the main advantages of Night Zookeeper?

  • The students get an online profile and this creates a ‘writer identity’ for them; they are known for their writing style and choices.

Night zookeeper - creating an online profile

  • Art is incorporated and supports/encourages thoughtful writing.
  • There is loads of support (in the right side bar) including instructions and word banks.

Night Zookeeper Support

  • The children really, really enjoyed it!  They were sharing their great ideas and genuinely enjoying writing.
  • You can see the students’ work and assess it easily.

Night Zookeeper Assessment

  • It gamifies writing – the students have to compete with others to be the best. They enter a world and, in the style of Pokemon Go, have to battle each other.

Night Zookeeper World

  • The students can write whenever they want.  ALL of the class carried on their writing journey at home.
  • Teachers can easily set ready-made, exciting lessons for pupils to complete.

Have a go!  Let me know what you think by commenting below.


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