Consider a classroom ‘flip’

Flip your classroom

Teachers are very good at multi-tasking — responding to different needs of different educational levels and demands of a range of children in their classroom. Even so, it’s hard to provide one-on-one attention all the time. That’s where technological supplements, including tablets, can help.

One of the best ways to maximize the use of tablets is by flipping the classroom.

Flipping is simply doing away with the traditional classroom setup—teacher at the front, rows of desks. Instead, students are able to watch lectures at home, interacting with teachers, and then using that information with other students in the classroom.

Tablets are also a great way to provide individual reading plans to students, as well as offer practice methodologies for math lessons. And tablet use is on the rise, too. Want to learn more about tablets in the classroom? Check out this graphic for insights and helpful hints on using tablets in the classroom.

tablets in classroom



  1. Nice article and explanation. Should that say up “to” 78% in 2014 on the infographic, rather than “from”?


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