Guest post: 4 Powerful Visual Strategies For Teachers

4 Powerful Visual Strategies For Teachers

No one can deny the importance of visuals in content creation, digital learning, and promotions. Visuals play a huge role in conveying a message much more effectively to its audience. No matter what your field of expertise, this is one area that you cannot choose to ignore. Marketers pay attention to it, website developers can’t afford to ignore it, so how can teachers not incorporate it in their daily routine?

Graphic design is a powerful learning device for any educational institute because it establishes focal points for the students, communicates key concepts and gets them to engage with the content more effectively. But not only that, graphic design is also important in all other communication devices that teachers employ for announcements, school event promotion, etc. In a nutshell, all material teachers use to speak to students should be designed to attract attention and engage the students. 

Of course, teachers are limited not only by budget but also by the time they can spare for designing such attention-grabbing materials but we are here to suggest some powerful ways in which teachers can make this task easier. 

Enhance Digital Learning With Classroom Accounts

To get students more interested and involved in the curriculum, teachers can get students to design projects for science, art, and other subjects. They can use PosterMyWall’s powerful editing tools to create engaging visuals related to the content they are studying. PosterMyWall is a very easy-to-use and intuitive tool for students of all ages to use and enjoy. 

PosterMyWall’s Classroom Accounts allow teachers to manage creative projects for the entire class and keep them all in one place. Only the teacher needs to upgrade their account to a Classroom Account (for free!) and create creative projects; the students only need to enter the project name without needing to create their own accounts on PosterMyWall and can then create and submit work without registering. All designs created in the project will be private and protected and can only be seen by the people in the project. 


This is a completely free feature that allows students to create interesting content, learn more effectively and have fun doing it. 

Create Effective Posters and Flyers

Have you ever seen a school noticeboard without posters and flyers covering every inch of it? We haven’t either. The noticeboard is the main way the students find out what’s happening around the school and keep up to date on upcoming events. Given its importance, you should not let it fade into the background and instead make the best possible use of it by putting up captivating posters that make students turn heads. 

Posters that make your students stop and read are likely to play a huge role in gathering attendance for the school events you are organizing. Not only this, creating professional-looking admission posters and flyers and distributing them or posting them online can give a good impression to parents on the hunt for good schools for their children and might even get them to make up their mind about your school.

Make such stunning posters and flyers quickly, easily and affordably using PosterMyWall’s thousands of ready-to-use templates that can really change the game for your promotional activities. 

4 Powerful Visual Strategies For Teachers


Use the power of video 

Videos are the ultimate attention-grabbing weapon. They can make your students pause like no static images can. Make stunning professional-looking videos to promote school events like fundraisers, concerts, sports games, school dances, bake sales and much more. You can use video content from past events to jog your students’ memories and use the nostalgia factor, or you can use fresh behind-the-scenes footage to get your students excited about upcoming events. 

Even if you don’t have enough time to film and create videos from scratch, you can always use ready-made video templates like these from PosterMyWall:

PosterMyWall has a very wide range of themes to use like Back to School, School elections, Admission posters, Classroom posters, Prom and Reunion posters, and much more. The templates are easy to customize and you never run out of fresh video ideas to use for your next event promotion.

Make Emails Your Students Can’t Help Reading

We’ve all opened an email, barely even glanced at what’s written in it and then closed it. Your students are doing the same with your emails. Why? Plain text emails look bland and don’t have enough going on in them for them to pay attention to. That’s certainly not how it should be but it is. So how can you make your emails look exciting to your students and make them want to read on? 

Make them visually appealing with beautiful email headers and other visuals and ensure your students never miss out on important information again. Don’t believe us? Here’s an example of how a small #BacktoSchool Sale email campaign got a much higher open rate by simply adding a personalized email header. 

4 Powerful Visual Strategies For Teachers

Not just this, all communication you have with your students’ parents and all other external parties should look professional and interesting. This is easy to achieve by using professional-looking email headers from PosterMyWall and email builders like BEE free

Success Story

4 Powerful Visual Strategies For Teachers

 Dr. Quentin, the principal at Childersburg High School, works to motivate students, teachers, and the community, and innovate the classroom in ways to make learning a creative and fulfilling experience for every student. An avid PosterMyWall user, Dr. Quentin decided to implement visual learning at his high school. According to him: 

Our generation is driven by images that have shaped how we perceive information. Students are able to associate valuable educational data effectively with images. Visual learning helps those students that may struggle with reading. It also encompasses more than just visual elements, it relies on the strengths of other styles of learning to best support the student.”

His school did not have additional funding for school publications so he started using PosterMyWall to make flyers and other visuals for all school events and even in the classroom to help students learn faster and more easily. 

The Ultimate Tool For Teachers

Many educational institutes have already started to incorporate visual learning into their curriculum. Teachers can easily use tools like PosterMyWall to make learning fun and engaging for students. Not only that, but teachers can also use this tool to promote school events and establish effective communication with their students, students’ parents and any other stakeholders. 


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