Take a look at Quizalize!

Quizalize, the whole-class quiz platform, has an exciting announcement…Quizalize Games are now available for teachers and students around the world!

What are Quizalize Games?

Quizalize Games are a selection of dynamic and fun game overlays that work in conjunction with all regular Quizalize quizzes. Students work through their quizzes as normal, except now they can be motivated by, and enjoy, a variety of games layered over the top of their usual quizzes.

The result? Happy students who WANT to take more quizzes – cementing their attainment levels.

Quizalize Games is launching with a catalog of seven flagship games:

Battlerzz. Journey to a Medieval fantasy land and prepare for the most epic of battles. Set to an enticing soundtrack with epic battle arenas, only the bravest of warriors will triumph in Battlerzz.

The Adventures of Kleo the Koala. The Cosmos is under the rule of the evil Under Creatures. Five brave creatures, led by Captain Kleo the Koala, band together to find The Keys of Light and return light to the Cosmos once more.

Bearzz. Who loves throwing tomatoes at bears?! Get answers right and earn tomatoes to throw at your losing opponent. Get answers wrong? Prepare to be tomato-ed!

Hoopzz. The ultimate basketball game – and a Quizalize classic – is back with a vengeance. Now you can choose from more teams & decide once and for all who is the best at Hoopzz.

Rockzz. Experience a retro arcade game and make sure your classroom spaceship will not get lost in the asteroids. A correct answer shoots a rock and gets your class closer to an epic high score. Guaranteed classic arcade fun for your students (and you too!)

First to the Flag. A fantastic Quizalize game where teams race to answer questions as quickly as possible and get to the flag, becoming the true First to Flag champion. Simple and effective.

Leaderboard. Another classic Quizalize game. As students answer questions correctly they will climb to the top of the Leaderboard. The brand new team mode elevates the previous version and brings it proudly into the Quizalize Games fresh cohort.

Play modes:

Each game can accommodate from 2 – 100 players, with a selection of team-based games able to accommodate up to 50 teams! Classes of all sizes can enjoy playing Quizalize Games, while teachers continue to glean the real-time data insight into each student that Quizalize is known and loved for.

It is super easy to play the games in your classroom – just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Login to your Quizalize account as normal
  2. Create/assign a quiz for your class as normal
  3. Select the game you want to play from the dashboard and hit ‘Start Quiz’

Done! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Your chosen game’s overlay will display on your screen at the front of the class, while the students complete their quiz assignment as normal on their devices.

Check out our tutorial video to see these three steps in action:

Ready to start playing Quizalize Games?

To get started just login to your Quizalize account and follow the simple steps above. You can be up and gaming in as little as 60 seconds!

You can join Quizalize for FREE by creating your own Quizalize account here.

From tomato-throwing Bearzz to a Cosmic Koala in The Adventures of Kleo the Koala, fantasy Battlerzz to slam-dunking in Hoopzz, The Games contain a selection of games that have something for every student. I really recommend Quizalize Games as they add a dynamic element to learning, can assist with classroom management, and encourage students to be engaged in their studies. Increased engagement leads to increased attainment levels, and when students are having fun while learning you know you’re onto a winner.

Try Quizalize for free now!

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