A great website to use when teaching dialogue.

Today I taught an English lesson which focused on dialogue between characters.  I wanted to motivate the students and found an excellent website to do so.

First, I paired the students up and they did some hot-seating in character.

Tech to teach dialogue

Next the students got their ipads and loaded ifaketext.com .  It is a great website which allows you to create a fake text message conversation – perfect for a whole range of lessons.

Tech to teach dialogue

Have a look at my short video tutorial on how to use the site:

The students created conversations and they really enjoyed doing it in this format.  Here is an example of the outcome:

Tech for teaching dialogue

Next, I taught the class how to write in formal direct speech.  Here’s a fun way to do it:

After I set up a classroom chat-room on TodaysMeet.com (click here for a tutorial) and the children came up with a range of words to use instead of ‘said’.  Here is a transcript from the session:

Tech to teach dialogue

Finally, the students turned the fake text messages into formal direct speech in their exercise books.

Edtech for teaching dialogue

How do you teach dialogue?  Share your ideas by commenting below.







  1. Great ideas, Neil, thank you so much for sharing! Will definitely use ifaketext, looks really interesting. Another activity about direct/indirect speech I tried last year with my B2 class was Grammar through Film where we worked on an episode of Agatha Christie’s Poirot (the TV series). There was lots of dialogue there and it helped them identify the different uses of verbs such as suggest/claim/insist etc.

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